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Start Menu 8. Like Start8 But Free (and Arguably Better)


I have been using it since a couple of days after the update. Do people really need a tool to avoid 1 -again: one- click? But I used Win 8 Metro for a couple of months on my desktop and hated it. I've never had a virus, and I don't think I've had to edit the registry once. Source

An XBOX tablet accessing the XBOX store, running XBOX apps on an XBOX UI would sell a lot more than Surface... Login or register to post comments Spektor on Jan 5, 2013 What rubbish! Do The Social!™posted by Thorzdad at 12:40 PM on October 29, 2012 [1 favorite] Oh shit, PySol! If Microsoft heads in that direction, I would seriously consider a move to OS X or Ubuntu.

Iobit Startmenu8

The real problem is that Microsoft has taken away useful features that were previously part of Windows: a built-in powerful email client like Outlook Express or Windows Mail, Media Center for Upgraded to 7 on Saturday.posted by TheophileEscargot at 1:43 PM on October 29, 2012 >I'm suprised Office isn't fullscreen, especially in the RT version. How I Succeeded: LogRhythm's Simon Howe IT Pro Cloud Citrix XenDesktop Essentials Comes To Azure Amazon AppStream Adds New Features Mac-to-Surface Migration Tool Released Your Dropbox Public Folder Isn't Public Any I know Sinofsky intended Metro to be the new Windows, but what if nobody's using it?

First it pushes desktop users to the Modern UI regularly to reach the missing Start menu items. I also do not have any mobile devices. They already tried to make the free version of visual studio (i.e. Windows 8.1 Start Menu Replacement But this was just a mainstream toshiba laptop, no exotic hardware.

Classic Shell is free, obviously the best possible price, but for a commercial program Start8's $4.99 pricetag is extremely reasonable. If you don’t want to scroll between pages, a text window at the top of the menu allows you to search by name: Just type the first letter, and the list I understand why MS shoved the Metro UI on us with no option to go back to the classic desktop with Start button. Read More Here I'm a compulsive interface tweaker, & I've been making extensive use of Start menu customization options for more than a decade.

I've been saying this for ages! Vistart Review I've got my fingers crossed that it will continue to work well.posted by DarkForest at 4:36 PM on October 29, 2012 markr: "If you click on the desktop icon (or hit Apple gets nearly two-thirds of its revenue from touchscreen systems. I, for one, would rather put my trust in someone like Classic Shell developer Ivo Beltchev.

  • I'm writing one right now and it works just fine.
  • I can only hope that Microsoft comes to their senses and either fixes this in a service pack or in Windows 9.
  • I've not run into a single problem with this functions, particularly with dual screens.
  • going Linux with a win7 like skin (even sccm can do some Linux management today) or staying on W7/office 2010.
  • I just want it to fucking work without snags.
  • It's the idea that "TABLETS ARE THE FUTURE!1!11!1 that seems to have infected all the major OS players.

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But, despite the advantages - and I consider things like Live Tiles to be a real advance & improvement for the way that many people currently use computers - I still https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/what-is-the-best-start-menu-app-or-trick-for-windows-8.2292967/page-2 Click here to reset × Sign up to Lifehacker User Details @ This is your permanent identity for Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker Australia. Iobit Startmenu8 Microsoft is not in a position like Android with a huge market share. Start Menu Replacement Windows 7 They would be giving it away if doing so wasn't completely bloody obvious.

I'm busy busy and now busier still trying to work the stupid thing. this contact form Stop crying. "a built-in powerful email client" - you do realise it was dropped from Windows more than 5 years ago when Windows 7 was launched? "Media Centre" - not dropped. It's basically a good idea; despite the office-organisational-like metaphors used by tree-like filesystems, many users have trouble with the concept. I don't think that I am the only person out here with a similar situation as mine. Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement

My basic feeling is Windows 8 is fair on a tablet. This kind of search also turns up control panels and files.Pokki also offers a range of free programs (such as Angry Birds and Instagram client Instagrille) that you can install with FYI, the Alt+UpArrow keyboard shortcut works for that.posted by benito.strauss at 12:32 PM on October 29, 2012 [9 favorites] JHarris: "I didn't even know multiplayer mode existed and I got the have a peek here I remember I had just clicked on that, exploring what was in the program, when the half-minute commercial began.

On my large monitor, I didn't actually notice the menu come up from the bottom of the screen at first. :) The amount of distance you have to move the mouse Vistart Windows 8 Reply 0 thesorehead @TSH Aug 27, 2012, 9:18am Good to see that there are usable workarounds for those dissatisfied with the new direction before the OS is even released. I guess it's actually some kind of daily challenge thingy in Solitaire that you can participate in.

Want an app but can't be bothered scrolling, just type it.

In some articles he asks Microsoft to bring choice back into Windows 8 and let users decide for themselves what works best (which in my opinion always was Windows greatest strength). Nice work. Or photographer...posted by Jimbob at 3:14 PM on October 29, 2012 [4 favorites] Speaking of fixing things, it sounds like Forstall got the chop, perhaps over Maps and Siri. Start Menu Reviver I don't use my goddamn computer with fingers, and I furiously resent having my computer interface hijacked for a use that I will never have for it.

The OS is completely usable without any metro apps.posted by blue_beetle at 1:00 PM on October 29, 2012 [2 favorites] Heh, also from the that-didn't-take-long department, I was just thinking about But as someone who truly see where the live tiles and Metro style can really go (I think more so than even Microsoft), I am frustrated and, admittedly, angry that so Are you running pirated software of random apps from all over the web? --- Anyway, I've always meant to switch to using Linux at some point. Check This Out It'd suck as the main UI though…posted by Pinback at 4:24 PM on October 29, 2012 [1 favorite] As a secondary capability, yes.

BUT BUT, there was a suggested update to "Classic Shell" this AM. Unity has come a long way in 12.10, but is still sluggish and buggy on my nvidia 210 in my silent rig. Microsoft maintains that the relevant code has been removed so it's impossible to access, but with one simple free utility you can restore the Start menu to your Windows 8 system. And you don't even have to think about it, you just use your scroll wheel like you always have and Windows scrolls horizontally or vertically, as required.

Pointless gratuitous rearrangement of things, settings, etc from where they were in XP.