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Modified on: Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 3:38 PM Besides offering resiliency to drive failures, Storage Spaces also offers increased performance by striping data across multiple disks. A stripe represents one pass of data written to a storage space, with data written in multiple stripes (passes). For the first stripe of data in this example, Storage Spaces writes 256 KB (the default Interleave value) to the first disk (column) in the storage pool, then 256 KB of Example 2: A Three-Column Parity Space Another example is a three-column parity space (with a 256 KB stripe interleave), the simplest form of a parity space.

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This yields a stripe width of 512 KB (2 columns * 256 KB interleave). Example 1: A Two-Column Simple Space A simple example is a two-column simple space, which offers striping with no resiliency. Columns correlate to underlying physical disks across which one stripe of data for a storage space is written. The stripe width determines how much data and parity (in the case of parity spaces) Storage Spaces writes across multiple disks to increase performance available to apps.

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Support Portal Welcome Login Sign up Home Solutions Forums How can we help you today? Search New support ticket Check ticket status Solution home Basic Knowledge Base - Storage Spaces Windows 2012 R2 Storage Spaces- Knowledge Based What are columns and how does Storage Spaces decide The NumberOfColumns and Interleave parameters, which are accessible via Windows PowerShell or WMI, determine the width of the stripe (stripe_width = NumberOfColumns * Interleave). Storage Spaces describes a stripe via two parameters, NumberOfColumns and Interleave.

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Enter your search term here... Interleave represents the amount of data written to a single column per stripe.