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Strange Display Issue On A New Surface Pro 3


The fact that you're using a Surface is (very likely) irrelevant to the problem. does not not see the mouse at all. 2) Cannot connect wireless to my printer. I am very disappointed. It's got progressively better with each firmware update, but - say - one boot in 20 requires the up volume key, and a clock reset. have a peek here

Find a store Contact Us Answer Desk Make an in-store appointment. Solution 4: Change your main display If you have more than one display connected, some desktop apps might scale better if you change your main monitor. maybe the will jump in this thread and help you to solve your 3D display output glitches. Utterly shocked! 07/04/2016 CW Reply Agreed. https://www.eightforums.com/general-support/69380-strange-display-issue-new-surface-pro-3-a.html

Surface Pro 4 Scaling Issues

It's OK for casual/entertainment use but not for real work… I have owned all surfaces and Pro 4 is hands down the best machine…but worst in terms of these freaky problems. See you there! This website is a great resource - thanks for taking the time to provide it.

  1. I learned that I have to disconnect is when things freeze, or the mouse doesn't work, I donot like taking time when i have important papers to get out.
  2. but fail at the step 1: fail to login.
  3. Also, I'm assuming you've already found our suggestions on cover problems and tried them: http://www.lovemysurface.net/keyboard-problems-with-surface/ On the topic of Windows 8.1, your SP2, was originally sold with Win 8, and in
  4. But It stil react with my stylus pen.
  5. Surface Pro 4 Problems: Windows 7 on a Surface Pro 4 It's not an unknown thing for someone to like a piece of hardware and not care for the software it's
  6. Use 3 fingers and swipe down, (it minimize your apps *just notice) and swipe it back up.
  7. I am tired of fighting the issues.
  8. I find CTRL+ALT+DEL is easier though, just because there are less steps involved. 12/11/2015 Max Reply Thanks for this great overview!

The battery stayed warmer then normal (2 weeks) until it was fully discharged at which time I applied power and was able to get back in and get my files that The device will restart the driver itself, looking to you as if you display simply blinked for no reason. Because even though the screen is unresponsive, you can still tell when it's on (and blank) versus when it is completely shut off. Surface Pro 3 Screen Resolution Too Small Cheers.

Step 3: Select your program from the list, and then select Next. Surface Pro 4 Screen Resolution I found that the Microsoft Edge browser, when left running, is a big culprit as it consumes a high amount of system resources even when the system was supposedly asleep. Login or register to post comments HarmonyRocket on Jun 3, 2014 Hi Paul - first time poster here. http://forums.windowscentral.com/microsoft-surface-pro-3/328953-weird-touchscreen-display-problem-my-sp3-anyone-else.html Now try the original app again.

Adobe Reader. 12/06/2016 Janet Reply I use SP4 with 4 screens. Surface Pro Resolution Scaling My surface pro 3 is experiencing problems to perform a programme that runs in matlab - it unexpectedly quits the software and moves to the start screen. Press and hold. You will have no recourse but arbitration.

Surface Pro 4 Screen Resolution

Thanks Reply mr. http://forums.sketchup.com/t/display-issues-with-surface-pro/12992 So I got my first replacement. Surface Pro 4 Scaling Issues Try to get the angle that your face is usually at when you’re using your Surface Pro 4. Surface Pro 4 Resolution Too Small Is there anything I have missed?

If it is pen related, then delete the pen from your devices and see if you still get the phantom touch problem. http://megathud.com/surface-pro/surface-pro.html Here’s how to fix the Surface Pro 4 issues that we and Surface Pro 4 users have run into thus far. When this problem arise, the devices simply won't restart. Then you should be able to simulate Ctrl-Alt-Delete by pressing and holding the power button then pressing the Volume-Up button. Surface Pro 3 Screen Resolution

Sometimes I just need to wait an excessive amount of time. The most annoying is that all open apps crash every time when the monitors switch off (simple fix is to defeat this function by changing the power setting to never turn Why pay a premium price for an inferior product. 08/10/2016 JAmes Barry Ryan Reply I meant to say very unhappy 08/22/2016 Peter Reply Very nice! Check This Out sonichedgehog360 posted, Replies: 9 Loading...

Reconnect it. 4. Surface Pro 3 Resolution Scaling What is this "deeper sleep mode" that you talk about that comes after hibernation? The geek squad told me I had to take it in for repairs but now that I found this fix my screen is back on and I don't have to take

If this doesn't work you may need to restart.

It is a painful situation... Sometimes when I know the unit is sort of on, because it buzzes when I touch the Windows bottom at the bottom, it just refuses to wake up. If this is happening to your device, take it in to your local Microsoft Store or contact device support. Surface Pro 4 Custom Resolution I feel for you guys with ongoing problems.

If I go to the start menu the lines are all across the screen as well Same in the desktop mode. Solution 2 - Use a wired network into the USB3 port. 05/05/2016 AR Reply After applying a recent update (maybe a week ago?), my SP4 loses all wireless connectivity for a If it goes away re-pair and see what happens. this contact form rivas May 13, 2015 at 6:02 pm I got a 38 and 31 Code.