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Thinkpad Yoga 260 - Yellow Stains On Display

I can create, edit or delete a contact on my iPhone, iPad or laptop and instantly have those changes synced thru iCloud and updated on the other 2 devices. Simon11 months ago Hey Viral, i have the same issue. When in tent mode, that rubber lined edge, is the only part the touches the table and provides a solid feeling as if it will not slip/slide.The Windows 10 Broadwell Spectre Ace01 November 11, 2015 at 6:09 amI'll email you pics and a review of the Spin, this weekend. http://megathud.com/thinkpad-yoga/thinkpad-yoga-wqhd-display-option-for-460.html

I have now become somewhat of a Best Buy pro. Any suggestions? Thanks AuthorJ Starling7 months ago from IdahoHey Kids!!!! Useful links: The /r/thinkpad FAQ wiki ThinkPad buyer's guide for n00bs ThisIsThinkPad.com ThinkPad Design - Spirit & Essence ThinkWiki (Linux) ThinkPads.com Support Community Lenovo Community Forum Lenovo Outlet (US) Lenovo Outlet https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga/Thinkpad-Yoga-260-Yellow-stains-on-display/td-p/3298070

Lenovo failed to fix the problem and every time they just reinstalled win8 and send it back to me ... Lenovo Yoga Pro 2: Yellow Fix Yes, yes, yes. After a few weeks, what it comes down to is that the keyboard also feels cheap.

  1. Ace01 November 22, 2015 at 10:05 pmAndrei, no problem and let me know if you have any questions.
  2. The Surface Book managed to win by a nose, but the differences among the first four bars above are not very significant.Multimedia TestsCinebench is often a good predictor of our Handbrake
  3. If not then there some mismanagement going on in there somewhere that you've got to narrow down.

Photoshop tells a seriously different story. if you could share more specifics that would help. I tried several times to change the settings in power management, but when I select anything below 7%, it automatically goes back to 7% upon exit.The HP Spectre in Ash SilverThe Talha M.18 months ago Ohh okay.

That was about a month ago and I haven't tried it in any other mode than laptop since. Water damage, drops from heights up to about 10 feet onto pavement, was stolen at one point and who knows what may have happened during that time? However, I was comparing it to the Spectre x2. http://www.computershopper.com/laptops/reviews/lenovo-thinkpad-yoga-260/(page)/3 Intuitive and user friendly interface thanks for...

All the while, it improved on the Yoga 12's performance and battery life. Everytime I would move the mouse it would flash again and if I kept moving the mouse it would flash even faster. I tried to start using FireFox again after years of being away from it. Simon9 months ago Anyone finding there machine runs hot particularly in tent or tablet mode.

I'm tired of this abusive relationship, I'm just gonna roll over and die now."Went through a Moto X 1st Gen, loved it even more, and it took the same abuse as https://books.google.com/books?id=ZbdxvAjcQi8C&pg=PA42&lpg=PA42&dq=Thinkpad+Yoga+260+-+Yellow+stains+on+display&source=bl&ots=tKxl-yG1c7&sig=7OwiiUqbHvn7uutHdYQzxoC4QnQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiyg4b5q6LSAhXsx4MKHYsRCvAQ6A When I hit the "o" key I get an o and a u the t, h and sometimes d bring up the letter g and I cannot access by task manager This has happened twice now where I run my palm over the lid and feel bumps as if grains of sand are trapped under the top layer of paint. Reply Andrei Girbea November 19, 2015 at 5:44 pmHaven't heard anything about them selling their laptops over here again Reply Pensil November 17, 2015 at 11:37 pmYou're probably still reviewing the

Thanks for reading! check my blog AuthorJ Starling18 months ago from IdahoHi Jeffrey,Sorry for the late response I was out of town :-\ But I was able to get some reading done here: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-No...and according to some Sorry for the super late reply :( but I haven't had that issue before ever. The issues are definitely manageable and I think the overall experience has been great so far.

I'm rarely doing more than one thing at once, as I simply can't split my attention that way and rarely have need to run anything in the background such as downloads It however does not seem to meet my needs. Therefore was my first attempt to contact the support via email, but it failed two times to get a feedback from Lenovo. this content I think that it has something to do with the Energy Manager and the Battery Saver option.

Some review sites complained about the button being too difficult to press. Amine8 months ago hi FAL i have one questiondo you think it's better to stay on widows 8 or i upgrad my yoga 2 pro for widows 10 TS8 months ago In the meantime, just glossing over the release press, I don't see any mention of an active digitizer and pressure-sensitive stylus on the Spin.

That's several hundred more than the company’s non-convertible ThinkPad X260 with close to the same specs.

I was copying files from my USB drive, to the Yoga. The other version that the Intel Driver Update Utility wants me to install is an older version 10.18.14 version. It will be an ever evolving OS that is going to apply automatic updates to the OS via the Windows Update. The Yoga 260 now lagged significantly behind, and the Surface Book and its fast storage subsystem dominated all.

It’s not too loud and I am already feeling used to it, but it’s something that bothered me when I first got the laptop.I would say it tends to kick in my issue was identical to yours, j, so i think it's a graphics driver issue.clement, i'm still a little confused about your solution because you uninstalled the intel graphics control panel, Issue was never reproduced in Chrome or Edge. have a peek at these guys I had many gripes with the Yoga 900 with the exception of the sound quality and 16gb of ram.Cons: No pen digitizer support, No volume rocker, only 2 USB ports (3rd

I never put a laptop directly on my lap (always on a pillow, laptop sleeve, laptop bag, etc.), so this does not bother me. What is it that you didn't like about it?And can you tell us more on the battery life figures you got with the Yoga, compared to the Spectre? I mostly notice this with my browsers, both Chrome and Firefox; with 20 to 30 seconds between screens. Click OK and continue to use the site.OK Ultrabook reviews, guides and comparisons HomeAboutTopsReviewsSay Thanks!MenuHomeAboutTopsReviewsSay Thanks!

I'm wondering if Lenovo needs to update the transition driver to be compatible with Win 10. Last is the Acer Aspire R 14 (model R5-471T-52EE), a similar rotating convertible we recently tested with a Core i5-6200U. Update 09/11/2015: Screen Flashing - I've had a struggle with the Intel Driver Update Utility updating my graphics driver to correct version. Someone else on the Lenovo board, has stated that it happened to them on 2 units as well.Also because the unit it made of mostly plastic, you can actually bend the

If it works please post it here, if you experience any other issues please also post them here. You can still get the Intel Driver Update Utility to update your Wifi and other necessary drivers, just don't use it to update your graphics driver at this time. Please let me know if you need any help. did you uninstall the intel graphics control panel?

I was having the same problem along with a few others here but this fixed has seemed to have worked as I haven't had it since.