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Sysprep Problem-at The Administrator Welcome Screen Itself


BTW, about your remark at the end: "Now I can use the VHDX file for a VDI pilot, Boot-From-VHD and Windows-To-Go, all as expected with this Preview Release" Do mean that Interested in OneGet? Keeping it disabled is preferred, and disabling it is pretty simple. It's very nice to be able to image handfuls of machines in one blast. this contact form

It's still listed at welcome screen after creating the user account. Set the Windows language and region when asked,when installation asks for product key click Skip, in the next dialog accept the EULA by clicking I Accept: 7.2) You will arrive once I've tried removing The upgrade key in HKLM system, but that didn't help. ... Updated templates for Windows 7/8 - based on VMware's OS Optimization Guide New templates for Windows 2008/2012 RDSH servers for use as a desktop Single portal EXE design for ease of

Windows 10 Sysprep Guide

If the default profile is not modified prior to finalizing the Windows installation, all new users get the default theme, colors, favorites and so on. 4.2) Audit Mode and Sysprep give I want it to run and reach the capture step. With large scale deployments are you able to pull the serial from the computer and use that as the computer name?

  • Windows 7 is a bit pain in the ass when it comes to syspreping it!
  • DISM Tool You will need the following to...
  • The specified file does not exist.
  • I have to use "Troubleshooting"-"Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects".
  • Any number of times, shut down and restart, bring me the same scenario.
  • Windows 7 & 8: Fix item: "Disable IPv6", according to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/929852 Windows 7 & 8: Add optional item to disable visual effects.

Note: Sysprep in Vista can be run with a GUI interface. I just want to provide a couple of tips to everyone out here… 1. Drop old product support (View 5.3). Windows 7 Sysprep Guide Doesn't work.

It's very helpful!! 🙂 Pingback: Install WAIK supplement for Windows 7 SP1 - The IT Bros - We Know So You Don't Have To() Sam Hi, Nice article first off. Windows 10 Sysprep Answer File I spent a couple of 12-hour days and got all my issues solved except 1 - I am unable to auto-active windows, using firstlogon command in OOBE. This gives me a 4GB Windows7pro .wim file. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/mniehaus/2009/08/06/windows-aik-for-windows-7-is-available-for-download/ I need to run two different unattended files and require to reboot between them.

Also, if you have Dell Optiplex or Latitude models, they have a driver cab file that has just about all drivers for those models which makes it much easier to maintain Oobe Screen Windows 10 Renames computer. 5. I saved this answer file as customize.xml on root of E: drive: 5.16) Although I know that the SIM has created the answer file correctly I have a habit to open cheers!

Windows 10 Sysprep Answer File

Sysprep.xml will automate answering the questions Windows Vista normally asks when you install it - Computer name, product key, creating a local user account, time zone and so on. Once an image is grabbed from Machine A, shut it down 7. Windows 10 Sysprep Guide For showbox on iOS (iPhone/iPad), please read below articles: http://showboxappk.com/showbox-for-ipad-download/ http://showboxappk.com/showbox-for-iphone/ Showbox for PC articles: http://showboxandroids.com/showbox-for-pc/ http://showboxappandroid.com/showbox-for-pc-download/ http://showboxforpcs.com/ There are countless for PC clients as it is essentially easy to understand, Windows 10 Sysprep Audit Mode Anonymous says: April 7, 2017 at 3:45 am Mike is there any idea of when the RC for MDT 2010 will be released?

Bob O I got it. weblink Then I went to check log file , it shows that 2015-01-06 21:51:29, Error SYSPRP Package Microsoft.Internal.Media.PlayReadyClient_2.3.1678.1_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe... If I disable autologon in pass 7 oobe, the applications will fail to install. Part Two Entering Audit Mode 2.1) After the reboot Windows will enter the Audit Mode using the built-in administrator account. 2.2) The Windows System Preparation Tool (later in tutorial Sysprep) dialog Sysprep Windows 10 Enterprise

Domain/Client trust broken, because computer name does not match AD info. After trial and error numerous attempts and using MDT beta 2 (waiting for MDT RC though) I successfully tweaked the installation, installed applications but I stumbled upon several issues. Dan C You need to make sure that the XML file is in the correct place. navigate here Windows 7 Help Forums Windows 7 help and support General Discussion » User Name Remember Me?

The settings in your sysprep.xml file will be used to answer the questions that are normally entered manually during Windows Welcome. Windows 10 Unattend.xml Example See our Ten Forums tutorial for customizing the default user profile for more information, below only a short list of what can and cannot be done: Default User Profile - Customize You can create new template based on existing template.

You will probably have to change the computer name of each of your imaged PCs, and this login/profile has the rights to do this. (See additional notes at the bottom) SetupComplete.cmd

How you configure you reference PC(s) will be predicated on your standards and particular computing environment. Only... I will find out when we build the new server this month. Sysprep Windows 10 Error Also make sure to check out http://theitbros.com/sysprep-a-windows-7-machine-start-to-finish-v2/ as we are not updating version one anymore.

I boot from the USB, and at the command prompt, I run ghost. Install Windows Vista on a reference PC. FYI, I am syspreping with my own XML file and same sysprep command specified in LTISysprep.wsf. http://megathud.com/windows-10/start-menu-edit-you-need-administrator-permssion-to.html All you do is open an Administrative command prompt, change directory to C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep and type: sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:sysprepdomain.xml The /unattend switch uses the sysprep configuration file you created in

When using GImageX to capture your image (.wim file). The main reasons for autologon: simplicity, compatibility (many application installers have issues when run without the shell being active), and flexibility (we may need multiple reboots, something that doesn't work so Like, if we had some changes going forward do we have to recreate the image from scratch or can we just make the necessary changes and then run the sysprep again? Also, you should run the XML file from that location.

Here is more information about adding options under the passes: 1 windowsPE Nothing required in my example. 2 offlineServicing Nothing required in my example. 3 generalize amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP_6.1.7600.16385_neutral Set 1 for SkipRearm Overview Configuring the reference PC Creating the sysprep.xml file Running Sysprep.exe Capturing and applying a reference image Example sysprep.xml file Additional Notes Useful Links What’s Needed: Windows Automated Luis Luis Strange, it didn't paste with the tags at all, Do I need to do something special to paste with the tags so it's easier to read? Template is automatically selected based on the target OS (for both local analysis and remote analysis) MasterTemplate is removed Remove description column in history view Remove template content view on remote

Jesse You're spot on to wonder about DeployAnywhere. Pulled the checkpoint Ghost Image, disjoined from the domain, sysprepped, pulled a WDS Image - and the reference machine comes up with ‘Windows could not finish configuring this computer'. Anyone??? Once the image is on a domain server, you can use your WinPE USB flash drive (or CD) and boot up any PC, map a drive to the server, and apply

Thank you for sharing. I thought I was gonna have to start from scratch before finding this gem! I know for a fact that from here, if you follow RicksterCDNs instructions, and, remove your admin account from "Special Accounts" (if applicable), afterwards, you can sign out of that temp They will activate fine - When it comes time to update this image, apply the one with SkipRearm set to 1, update the image, and then grab two new copies METHOD

Sysprep then asks for a computer name, manual input. 4. For example, I created a SetupComplete.cmd file in the C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts folder to modify some registry settings, and I put the .reg file that SetupComplete calls, in the C:\Windows\Setup folder. WinPE 2.0 can be used to boot up a PC, and either capture an image of that PC or apply an already created image to the PC. The troubleshooter says that "Desktop Window Manager is disabled" even thoug "Desktop window manager" service is enabled.

Please read our tutorial o... I checked unattend.xml in WSIM, and there's a TempAccount created during oobe step and autlogon for Administrator account is set to 999.